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5 Pests That May Trick You into Letting Them in This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Though it’s absolutely fun for kids to play trick-or-treat, don scary costumes, and watch horror movies, adults have their things to worry about. They are busy making sure that the home is safe for the winter and that Halloween is not inviting any new pests. During this time, pests could easily break into the house and become residents. The following are some of the pests that may trick you this Halloween and also learn Halloween safety tips.

What Are the Frightening Pests That Possibly Enter Your House on Halloween?

Do not let pests take away the Halloween fun but be aware of these bugs that make Halloween spookier.

Termite Queens

1. Termite Queens: The frightening fact about termite queens is that they can lay up to 30,000 eggs a day and live for many years. So now you could imagine the peril associated with these pesky creatures. The best you could do is not let them in the first place on Halloween day.


2. Ants: Halloween is about chocolates, cakes, candies, and sweets. Where there are candies, there are ants. These tiny creatures make extra additions to your Halloween party. They scatter just about everywhere and don’t leave your house even after the celebration is over.


3. Bedbugs: Just like vampires shown in the movies, bud bugs crave blood too. Halloween night is perfect for them to crawl inside your house and get under your blankets. They never miss an opportunity to feast on blood at night. An adult bed bug can survive up to one year, even without feeding. If the infestation is severe, merely washing linens or cleaning other infested areas won’t help.

4. Rats: ‘Rats’ are alone enough to frighten you on Halloween day. They find great joy and comfort when they find a littered place. Once they get inside, it’s hard to eliminate them. These not-so-loveable creatures can multiply quickly and can wreak havoc in your house. Besides, rats carry a number of diseases.


5. Spiders: When you are pulling out Halloween decorations, you are likely to come across ‘Spiders’ in your storage room. Though spiders are harmless, seeing them scampering could give you creeps. These critters love clutters and dusty places. So keep your house, especially the storage room, clean and dust-free. 

How to Keep Your House Safe from Pests During the Storm?

How to Get Rid of Halloween Pests?

If you are hosting a Halloween party at home, besides people, you are also inviting pests. Follow the below tips for friendly Halloween.

  • Before the start and end of Halloween, clean all the holes, crevices of your house with a vacuum cleaner. This way, you can avoid pest multiplying.
  • Halloween is incomplete without jack-o-lantern, but these lanterns can leave a big mess. Use paper under the pumpkin, and if the mess is already made, use a spoon to scrape off the residue
  • Seal all junk in a container on the same day and keep it away from your place. Make sure the garbage is picked up.
  • Clean your backyard and make it litter-free.
  • Keep all traditional Halloween food in a sealed container and make sure it won’t spill. Ensure you remove all sticky and crushed candy.

Halloween Pest Q & A

Here are the most common questions about pests on Halloween

Question: Do Rats Carry Rabies?

Answer: Rats carry many deadly diseases but not rabies.

Question: How can I make sure pests are not entering my place while we are enjoying a Halloween party?

Answer: The best way to contend with pests without you getting involved is through an ultrasonic pest controller. Turn on the device while you enjoy your crazy Halloween party.

Question: Does turning on the ultrasonic pest controller during the party perturb my pets?

Answers: No! Pets will not be affected by ultrasonic pest controller sound waves.

How Does An Electronic Cockroach Repellent Works?

Do not let scary Halloween bugs and pest stories stop you from having fun. Happy safe and spooky Halloween.

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