Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Garden

7 Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Garden

Gardening’ is a hobby that one cannot get enough of.  Being surrounded by lush greenery is pure divine! However, gardening comes with a good amount of effort. You not only have to nourish the plants but also guard them.  You see pest after pest lining up to sabotage your garden. It is essential to know how to keep plants healthy and protect the garden against these pests.

How Do You Keep Pests and Rodents Out of Your Garden?


Give Abundant Space for Your Plants to Grow

Like we humans need air to breathe, plants also need their fair share of oxygen. When you squeeze in many plants in one place, then you end up suffocating them. These tightly packed plants are the right adobe for many pests.  Pests to save themselves from heat and other predators, they find shelter beneath the plants and start brooding there.  When the pest family multiplies, it is hard to control. Therefore, ensure that the plants you grow have sufficient space to grow. This method also makes it convenient for you to keep insects in check.

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Watering plants

Water in the Morning

Watering plants in the morning has two advantages to it. First, it hydrates the plants and makes it less prone to get dry and wilted when the afternoon sun comes around.  Second, plants get enough time to dry before the evening because damp plants invite many garden pests like snails, slugs, and earwigs.

Once or twice a week, go for deep watering as this may strengthen their root system. If you are growing annual plants, then remember to water them regularly as annual plants have a shallow system and need more water.

However, plants can also die due to overwatering. Because when you over water, plants do not get sufficient oxygen, and that eventually leads to death of the roots. Therefore, learn about plants,  know what nutrients and to what amount they need.

House frogs

House Frogs, Toads and Birds in Your Garden

Make your garden a house of animals that feast on insects. The best way to invite them is by placing a bowl of water in the garden.  However, some creatures like frogs, toads, and birds naturally get attracted to  the places like  gardens.  As far as birds are concerned,  plant trees for their shelter as they don’t prefer feeding in an open field.

Keep plants healthy

Attract Beneficial Bugs

Ladybug, parasitic wasps, hoverflies, lacewings are some of the beneficial bugs that keep the pests away by eating them. To have many of these beneficial bugs flocking into your garden, grow flower plants like cosmos, sweet asylum, yarrow, dill, etc. To make these plants more effective, grow them immediately next to the plants. 

This process of getting rid of pests with the help of other organisms is called natural control or biological pest control.

Keep Plants Healthy

A plant in good condition is less apt to be eaten by pests because healthy, stress-free plants develop a robust defense system against the pests. Therefore, make sure your plants are well fed and nourished.  Do not forget to feed the soil with well-rotted organic matter such as compost as fertile soils ensure the healthy growth of a plant.

Pest Control products

Use Pest Control Products

Today there are many pest control products available that help extricate unwanted pesky pests. They decrease the pest levels without damaging your garden. Some of the products not only drive away pests but also repel cockroaches, rats, and spiders. Check this Ultrasonic Pest Repellent; it keeps all the pests at bay without involving you too much in the process.

Pest resistant seeds are also popularly called Bt crops have become an important tool for farmers to fight against the pests. These seeds or crops are genetically modified to kill insects through their toxicity.

bugs spray

What can you spray on your garden to keep bugs away?

If you wish to deal with pests naturally,  you can use natural pest control sprays. They can be easily made at home just by combining some household products. 

You can try these natural insecticides

Neem Oil Spray: Derived from neem seeds -is a natural insecticide and anti-fungicide that repels any small-bodied insects

Pyrethrum spray: This natural insecticide is made from chrysanthemum. To make a solution, mix the powder with water and dish soap. This spray paralyzes the insects and drives them away.

Garlic: The strong garlic smell repels many insects. To keep bugs away, stick a clove of garlic into the soil.

Pepper spray: Black pepper chili pepper, ginger have the property to repel mites, spider and other insects. To prepare the solution, take 2 tablespoons of pepper, 6 drops of dishwater and 1 gallon of water, mix the ingredient and pour it in a spray bottle.

Herbal water spray: some of the essential oil from mint, rosemary, basil, thyme, rue have a property to scare away the insects. You can either plant these herbs or make a solution by adding their oil with water.

These are some strategies to keep away the pests. With good care and the right use of pesticide products, you see your gardening blooming in no time.


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