8 Home Remedies To Keep Ants Away From Sweets And Sugars

Ants enter our homes to prey on sugars and sweets. This tends to spoil them and leave our sugar cravings unsatisfied. But there are a few home remedies and ingredients which you can use to keep the ants away. Here is a list of a few ingredients which you can use.

Star Anise and Cinnamon Powder


Similarly to most pests, certain odor keeps ants away too. Ants hate the smell of lemon. In order to use this method efficiently, you can peel a lemon and leave the lemon peels close to your sweets and sugar. The citrus smell that is contained within the lemon peel will keep ants away. If you are planning to place the lemon peel directly into your container of sugar, be sure to dry the peel before using it.

Bay Leaves

Ants also hate the smell of bay leaves. Bay leaves can be found in your local grocery or spice shops. What makes bay leaf the solution for you is that it can be kept within the sugar container. As bay leaves are dry in nature, they are safe to be kept directly within the sugar containers without the risk of harming its usability. 

Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder is another common culinary substance that can be used as an ant repellent. You can sprinkle the cinnamon powder around your sweets and place the cinnamon barks inside your sugar containers. It will act as your natural ant repellent. Cinnamon powder is easy to find which makes it a great pest defender.


Clove is another pest defender and works great against ants. This spice can be found in your spice jars or at the closest grocery stores. You can keep a few cloves close to your sweets and in your sugar jars. However, be sure to know that the scent of cloves will linger in your sugar. Regardless, ants hate the odor of this pest defender more than their love for sugar.


Vinegar is a pest repeller that has a strong odor. This strong odor of vinegar keeps ants away. You can utilize vinegar by wiping down your cupboard and other storage units with a damp cloth embedded with vinegar. This will actively repel ants. However, you will need to rewipe your cupboard once a week to maintain the security of your sweets and sugars.

Chalk Lines

Ants honor white lines and stay away. Lines drawn using chalk (Calcium Carbonate) will potentially keep ants away. Calcium Carbonate interferes with the ants’ ability to smell and sense the ants around them. Drawing a circle with chalk around your sweet while placed on the floor will keep it protected.

Sugar Island

Sugar Island is a method that we’ve seen our grannies and other elder perform. As the name suggests, the method works by creating an island for your sugar content which cannot be crossed by ants. Ants are not fond of water as they are not the greatest swimmers, therefore, keeping your sugars and sweet on a small tray surrounded by water will keep ants from reaching them.

Electronic pest repeller

The above-mentioned pest repellers have to be maintained and replaced at regular intervals to be at peak efficiency against your battle. However, if that makes your job hectic and tedious, using an electronic pest repeller is the way to go. The Ultrasonic Pest Repellent by Crave Greens gives you the option for active pest control at the flip of a switch. This electronic pest repeller operates by emitting electromagnetic waves at a frequency that hinders the ants’ comfortability, thus, preventing ants from entering rooms.

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