Do You Know What Attracts Cockroaches?

Many look for pest control solutions only after they encounter a problem. But isn’t it better to avoid problems in the first place? There are ways you can keep those pesky pests from invading your house by taking some degree of precautions. With right safety measures, one can elude the potential danger.

In this blog, learn what entices the cockroaches and how you could avoid them.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

If you carefully take a look around, you probably come with some ideas. Since there are more than 69 cockroaches species across the US, the list of things that attract them is long. However, there are three primary things that draw the cockroaches– food, water, warm shelter. However, not all roaches are alike; factors that attract them can vary. Therefore, before dealing with cockroaches, know their kind, and target their areas of weakness, this helps you resolve the roaches issue a little quicker.

The German and American cockroaches are the most common roaches found in any household. German cockroaches need water to survive; therefore, they are more likely to find shelter in the kitchen and washroom areas. Whereas, American roaches are more attracted to food; therefore, the kitchen is their target area; however, they don’t mind invading your whole house! To keep these roaches under control, know more about these factors.

Cockroaches on Food

No.1 Attractor: Food

Food is the prime attractor of cockroaches. Without that, their survival chances are low. To eliminate roaches, one has to block all their ways of accessing food. Keep the food counter clean and seal the garbage and place it far away from the house. Make sure to throw the trash every day.

Before you go to bed, your kitchen’s deep cleaning is essential. Wash all the utensils; do not keep unwashed in a sink – clean refrigerator, drawers, and stove.

When storing food, use airtight containers or airtight bags and check your refrigerator or freezer’s seals to ensure the food is safely protected.

Cockroaches in Water

No.2 Attractor: Water

Remove standing water near your house and also look for any leakages in the walls. To keep water out of walls, you can use caulk in gaps. If there is any rainwater standing outside the house, drain them immediately. Dry all the wet floors with dry mat. In a nutshell, try to keep your place as dry as possible.

roaches Shelter

No.3 Attractor: Shelter

To find warmth, roaches crawl inside your house through gaps and holes. Therefore, be sure to block such easy entry points with caulk. Check windows and doors and remove all the clutter. Since some of the roaches are attracted to pheromones, they look for items that could imbibe the scent. Some of such things are cardboard and wood.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers: The Best Solution to Drive the Pests Away

How to Prevent Cockroaches?

  • Regular sanitization and cleaning are essential to prevent cockroach infestation.
  • Eliminate all the sources of water, moisture. Do not leave the floor wet for too long. Wipe them immediately.
  • American roaches like dirty drains, therefore keep the drains clean.
  • Inspect the delivery boxes; roaches can get shipped in them. If you find any pests like roaches, disinfect them right away.
  • Do not store supplies for more than 30 days.
  • Plug-in ultrasonic pest repeller to eliminate the pests. This high-frequency roaches deterrents naturally eliminate the roaches without discomforting your surroundings.

What are the Best Pest Repellents for Roaches?

There are many DIYs for roach control. These natural methods effectively help you in extricating the roaches. Additionally, you can also buy ultrasonic pest control devices. They are the best electronic roach repellents, with their ultrasonic waves, they successfully drive away the roaches and make your place complete pest-free.

How does an electronic cockroach repellent work?

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