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Five Main Pests That Need To Be Kept Away From Offices

When you think about pests, you get a feeling that they only exist at home and nowhere else. Well, there is a word of mouth story about roaches found in food delicacies in the hotels or a rat sneaking into the pantry of huge offices. No one takes these seriously until they have had a live encounter with pests in their office. Just like homes, offices also have their pest repellent challenges. Before getting to know more about the pest repellent ideas, take a look at the pests that you could probably encounter within your office. 

Rodents – Rodents and tiny mice can make way into your offices from the streets. They make a lot of mess and nibble down on the official papers and important documents. They may also bite you when you have an encounter with them. These scavengers are the carriers of a lot of germs and viruses. The pandemic of plague was spread by rats. They’ve been the cause for lethal epidemics like Hantavirus, Tularemia, Rat Bite Fever, and more. You never know what they could bring with them and so you’ll want to prevent their entry as much as possible.

House flies – These tiny flying creatures crave your lunch in the pantry of your office. They never let you eat in peace. lies do not just sit on your food and taste it but leave behind sediments of germs over your food when they fly away. They are carriers of dangerous germs and infectious diseases, like Cholera, Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Dysentery, Conjunctivitis, and more. The smaller breed of house flies can spread over 65 diseases. With all of this, it is better to keep them off your space and sight. 

Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes become a part of your life any time, any place. There is no introduction needed for these tiny bloodsuckers. It is very hard to keep mosquitoes from buzzing in your ears and piercing into your body. They transmit dengue, malaria, Zika fever, West Nile fever, and more. There are myths that mosquitoes do not stay under cold temperatures. Well, air-conditioned offices are testimony to the fact that these pests have developed a strong immune system.

Roaches – Roaches are not restricted to kitchens only. You can find them creeping and running around in your pantries or even inside your desk drawers. They are creepy to look at and reproduce in big numbers very quickly. Roaches are very quick runners and they spread the diseases quickly too. They are carriers of harmful bacteria and spread epidemics like cholera, dysentery, listeriosis salmonellosis, and even typhoid. They need very little food to survive and can live by eating wood and paper too. One female roach can reproduce around 400 eggs during its lifetime. This fast-paced insect can easily make way into your office space and you need to be ready to shoo them away. 

Bed Bugs – Don’t let its name fool you, These tiny pests love to hide in woodThey can come into your office by sitting on any person who has it at home. They reproduce fast and run quickly after giving a bed bug bite. You will not find a bed bug in your office space until you find a bite mark on your body. They spread common infections, and you would not want a bed bug running over you in front of your colleagues and clients. This gives good reason to keep them out. 

Easy pest repellent tricks for office:

1. Get an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Device – An ultrasonic pest control device is one of the best office pest control devices that suit the corporate culture. No one can spend over 8 hours sitting with chemicals. The best alternative to keep the office atmosphere undisturbed and keep pests aways is the ultrasonic pest repellent. Along with the above-mentioned pests, all other sorts of insects and pests can be kept away. 

2. Use Some Natural Pest Repellent Sprays – There are effective pest repellent sprays in the market. They are mostly composed of peppermint oil, spearmint oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, and more. All of these are the same components used in air fresheners too. The best way to keep pests away and your office smelling good are to use such sprays.

3. Ask the Housekeeping Department to Disinfect Your Room- Cleaning is an everyday part and process of every office routine, but how often does your office get disinfected? The weekend must call for good housekeeping, cleansing and disinfection too. All of this makes way for a cleaner and a pest-free office.

Keep pests away with these easy tips because your office is where you spend most of your time apart from your home.

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