How to Keep Your House Safe from Pests During the Storm?

Storms and hurricanes have detrimental effects on most houses across the county. It is during this time; homes become an easy entry point to pests. Many pests find safer shelter in the houses, fearing the storms. Within a few days of their entry, their numbers spike  uncontrollably. 

Follow these 6 steps to combat pests during a storm in your city.

Prepare in advance

1. Prepare in Advance

The advent of technology has made things easy. Today, we get to know about the potential disaster in advance, which helps us prepare for it. When the reports of possible hurricane roll in, it’s better to conduct interior and exterior inspection of the house and identify structural issues. Cracks could be sealed with a silicone-based caulk, and all water damages need to be fixed. Furthermore, things like garbage cans should be kept relatively far away from the house.


2. Drain Standing Water to Prevent Pest Breeding

Rains and storms effectively eradicate mosquitoes, but they create a problem by creating rain puddles near the house. This standing water serves as a breeding ground for pests, especially mosquitoes. Therefore, house owners must assess all the places that could lead to such a disaster. Drain all these water receptacles and turn on the ultrasonic mosquito repellents to prevent the pest breeding in your house and backyard.


3. Get Rid of Debris, Damaged Food to Avoid Flies and Rodents

 Bad weather invites flies into the house, and the flies could start breeding in the food. Consuming such food leads to diseases and makes things worse. Therefore, seal food in a clean container and keep it in the refrigerator. Dispel all spoiled food in sealed trash and place it outside the house. Ensure there’s timely picking of these garbage bags as these bags entice the roaches and rodents. To curb the mouse and rodents, you can buy an electronic rodent repeller and keep them at bay. The ultrasonic device for mice drives away all the pests without causing any side-effects to you and your family. Click here to buy rodent repellents.


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4. Identify Water Damages to Avoid Termite and Ant Infiltration

When most US houses are made of wood, the houses are likely to get damaged by water damage. Termite is a pest that gnaws through woods easily and wreaks havoc to the entire building. Due to the oversaturation of soil, all underground living insects like ants try to find shelter in the house. To mitigate this issue, replace all the items that could house pests, and make sure all rainwater slopes away from your home to avoid water lodging around the house and shaking its foundation.

structural damage

5. Check for Openings Caused by Structural Damage

High winds, rain, and hail caused by storms can damage your house and its surroundings. These damaged structures may encourage pests like rats, mice, raccoons, and act as an entry point for all other animals looking for shelters. It’s good to inspect home and find  openings and block them immediately. Additionally, cover windows with some barricades that wouldn’t allow any pests to enter by any means.

pest control tools

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7. Use Pest Control Tools

Today, there are many methods to eliminate pests. You have many pest control methods. You can use Ultrasonic pest repeller a device that naturally extricates all the pests without causing any discomfort to humans and pets. The electronic rodent repeller sends out the ultrasonic waves and perturbs the pests and shoes them away from your place.

Buy an ultrasonic device for mice here.

With the right tools and precautions in place, it’s not difficult to make your place pest-free.

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