Pest Repeller Techniques

Pest Repeller Techniques To Keep Your Kitchen Cockroach-Free

Cockroaches are messy creatures since all it takes is a couple of them to wreck up your entire kitchen. It is extremely unpleasant to wake up to a cockroach ravaged kitchen in the morning, because of which it is absolutely necessary to keep them out of your home. It is not just about the mess, however, Cockroaches are responsible for spreading a number of diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. It is ideal to have a pest repeller at home to tackle your cockroach issues so that you won’t have to seek expert help to get rid of them. Here are some ways in which you can keep cockroaches out of your kitchen:

bay leaves

Use Bay Leaves to Make a Pest Repeller​

Bay leaves can not only add flavor and depth to your curries, but it can also be used as a natural insect repellent. It has a strong and distinct fragrance that cockroaches find unbearable to be around. In order to make this natural insect repellent, all you have to do is finely crush a handful of bay leaves to a fine powder. This powder can be sprinkled in areas where cockroaches have been previously spotted, or are likely to be found in. Doing this regularly can help you keep your home free of cockroaches easily. 

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baking soda

Stock Up on Baking Soda to Make Your Own Anti-Pest Defender:​

Baking soda is an ingredient that is easily available, and it can be used as the cheapest pest repeller option when it comes to getting rid of the cockroaches in your home. It is not toxic either, and so you can sprinkle it around your home without any worries. To use baking soda as an anti-pest defender for your home, simply mix it with sugar and sprinkle it in the areas of your home where you have previously spotted cockroaches. While sugar can’t help in repelling cockroaches, it can help in attracting them to the baking soda because of which they will grow weak and then die over time. 

fabric softener

Spray on with a Fabric Softener for a Pest Repeller:

It can be easy enough to deal with the cockroaches in your home when there are only a couple of them around. But when there is a group of them on the verge of, or already in the process of starting an infestation, that’s when you need to take emergency measures to annihilate them entirely. Using a fabric softener as a pest repeller will be a good idea while dealing with such a case. Cockroaches actually breathe through their skin. So when you spray fabric softener on its body, the thick spray will make it difficult for it to breathe, because of which it is likely to die of suffocation. A fabric softener pest repeller can come in handy when dealing with cockroaches in large numbers, since you can just spray on all of them at once.

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ultrasonic pest repeller

Keep an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Turned On:

There are several electronic pest repellers available in the market, such as Cravegreen’s Ultrasonic Pest Repellent. Using such a device is the best way to instantly get rid of cockroaches without having to go through any unnecessary hassle. In the case of natural insect repellents, a lot of time is wasted in making them and in cleaning them up after use. But with this device, it only has to be switched on and off before and after use respectively. It is the best option to try out if you want to keep cockroaches away from your home.

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