Rat and rodent repellent hacks for offices and commercial spaces

Pest Repellent Hacks To Keep Rats Away In Commercial Spaces

We have often come across blogs and articles that give us tips and hacks to keep pests away from homes. We seldom come across pest repellent hacks for commercial places. If you carefully observe the statics of diseases that were or are pandemic, we can see billions getting affected and billions dying. The plague that hit Europe badly took the lives of over 40% of its population, and this piece of the earth took more than 20 decades to heal. The plague was caused by the specie of bacteria called Yersinia Pestis, and the carrier and transmitter of this bacteria were rats and rodents. 

Today, there is an outbreak of the Hanta Virus in China. The carrier of this virus is rats again, and over 5 of them are affected in China. It is not even a month that this virus has been found and there is already one death because of its infection. It is highly important for all of us to take precautionary measures and stay safe from the new kind of virus that is life-taking. 

A little about Hanta Virus

The hantavirus that is no less dangerous than the Covid-19 when ignored spreads through rats and not by human contact. It affects the one who gets bitten by rats or comes in contact with its urine or saliva. This means to say that the grains or foodstuffs that are nibbled by rats have a deposition of this virus on it. Keeping away viruses can only happen if you keep away rats. 

Commercial Spaces And Rats

Since many homes make sure that they do not make way for rodent infestation, some of the most ignored places that can become a habitat of rats are the commercial spaces. It could be an office or a bakery. It could be the kitchen of a fine dine-in restaurant or even a grocery store. These places are mostly devoid of cleanliness and pest checks. Places like the bakeries and grocery stores do not use pest repellents as they fear the poisoning of edible food and leave the rodent and other pest repellent concerns unattended. It is important to keep rats away from such commercial spaces as they can be the key source to spread pandemic diseases. 

3 Easy Pest Repellent Hacks For Commercial Spaces 

The first and the easiest pest repellent hack that you could implement is to get an ultrasonic electric pest repellent device. The ultrasonic device that is used as a pest repellent is devoid of all the harmful chemical substances. It does not kill the rodents and other pests but keeps them away from entering your space. This device can be the best pest repeller to repel all kinds of pests such as rodents, roaches, mosquitoes, flies and even geckos.


Get in some lavender plants – The fragrance of lavenders are soothing for humans and irritating for the pests – especially the roaches, rodents, and mosquitoes. You can get some of these plants and place them in places that are prone to rodent infestation. The fragrance is a fantastic natural pest repellent that you can find. You can place lavenders in offices to keep rats away and see the employees boost up their productivity. 

Lavender Plant

Discard wastes properly – Rats are scavengers that go munching on all the wet and dry scraps that you discard. They can sniff into the places that are isolated from eating up wastes and end up loitering the home and also spread germs. It is imperative to keep the dumping sites very hygienic. The places must be mopped well, and disinfectants must be sprayed. Spraying peppermint oil can be a great option to shoo away rodents and mice easily. 

Mopping the floor

These are the three essential tips that are very simple and effective in keeping rodents away. The same can be implied in residential spaces too. They are child and pet friendly.

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