Roaches – Your Roommates That Make You Sick

Are you a family of five living together under a roof? Well, you can be a family of more than a hundred under a roof that you need to stay in. They are not adopted or fostered. They invade your home and you raise them up. Yes, it is the roaches that we are talking about. Roaches are nothing new to all of us. We all would have encountered a situation during our childhood where we would screech our lungs out on seeing a roach passing by us. Roaches and their existence have been neglected by many of us. 

We have been raised on treating them as common household pests that do not cause any harm. Well, how true is this statement? Roaches are found everywhere around our homes and shooing them is a huge task to all the homemakers. Some of them make way through moist chambers in the kitchen and bathrooms and the other are found inside our wardrobes. These six-legged pests are basically addressed as scavengers and eat to survive on anything and everything. They need minimal food, and if that is not found, they chomp paper and sometimes wood. 

The pest repellent methods that many implement to shoo them away is mostly chemical treatments. This makes the homemakers and the families having little children avoid treatments. Since they do not bite or do not secret venom, the families find it safe to have them around. But the reality is way different. There were pandemic situations and outbreaks because of roaches. The studies from NCBI show that the roaches carry a variety of bacteria species inside them. They pass them onto a place, food, or even water and clothes of women. Most of the diseases caused by bacteria have them as staunch reasons.

The most common diseases we could relate to roaches are mostly bacterial. The most common bacterial infections are Leprosy, Typhoid, Cholera, Plague, and Salmonellosis. A few who get in contact with the feces of these creatures are likely to develop asthma and wheezing too. Living with the roaches is as good as living to contact several diseases in the near future. Here are some easy pest repellent hacks that you can try to keep them away from your home and sight. 

Pest Repellent Hacks To Keep Roaches Away:

1. Hygiene is the key – The first pest repellent act is to keep your space, home, and surroundings clean. This includes discarding the waste papers and other newspapers that are stacked inside the wardrobes, clothes with sweat smell, garbage in the bins, clogged water, and spilled unclean water in the kitchen, stale food, and other such things. For instance, you need to keep your space spacious and disinfected with floor cleaners always.

2. Use an ultrasonic pest repellent – Use a radar pest repellent if you are having children at home. The pests make way through the tiny creeks into your home and start living with you. They at times are immune to the pest repellents. The only thing that can keep them away is an ultrasound pest repellent. These waves make the roaches uncomfortable and they run away from your space. This is very effective and can be used when you have pets at home. They not only keep away the roaches but also the other pests – both big and small.

3. Bring home natural pest repellent sprays – Use pest repellents that have the goodness of lavender and peppermint. Many follow the chemically composed medicines, but the pest repellents that are made out of natural ingredients and components are more effective. The repellents that have the goodness of lavender and peppermint are very effective on the pests. They keep the home smelling pests while driving the roaches and other pests out. However, some of them may be allergic to the fragrance of the essential oils. It is best to avoid this tip of the pest repellent technique at this point in time. 

These are the most effective pest repellent tips and tricks to get rid of roaches. If you are in an illusion that the roaches cause no harm, you are living in your world of illusion. Make way for a better lifestyle that is healthy and free from pests.

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