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Safe Pest Repellent Hacks For Your Kitchen

Pests are one of the most disturbing factors in the homes. None of us would want to share our space with creepy insects and other pests, but when they make way, we find ourselves helpless. There are many families in the United States who have ignored pests and have been practising to co-live with them. This is because they fear the pesticide effects more than the pests. Seldom do they realize that pests are dangerous and carry disease-causing germs. We had one of our customers who came up with a similar issue. 

Bella Charles had pests such as the roaches, geckos, rodents, flies, and mosquitoes invading her space.  She had a pet dog and little children at home. She was worried about the impact of the chemical pesticides on her family and preferred not to use it. However, she also wanted to badly keep all the pests out of her space and sight too. With this concern of hers, we came up with a blog that would help most of the families, going through the same stress, win the battle against the pests in a safe way. Here are some amazing child-friendly and pet-friendly pest repellent hacks that are very effective on pests and are safe for your family.

1. Stop Their Infestation – A pest is not a visitor, but a house member. You need to get this in your mind first. If it enters your home and finds your space comfortable, it will make a hideout for itself and never go. It begins reproducing and you will soon have a house filled with its family members. The first pest repellent hack for you is to destroy the infestation areas of the pests or cracks and open corners from where they can get into the kitchen. It could be the creaks and creases, the holes, or even the chamber and open windows. Make it a point to close all the small openings in your kitchen and keep the doors and windows closed when it is not needed – especially during the night. This prevents new pests from entering your kitchen and building a territory. 

2. Use an Ultrasonic Pest Repellent – Pest repellents come in different forms and different compositions. Since you are looking at a good pest repellent for your kitchen, you need to make sure it is safe too. The best pest repellent can be what technology has bestowed in the form of the ultrasonic pest repellent. This plug-in device works wonders by sending out ultrasonic waves that disturb all the pests – including the mosquitoes, flies, geckos, and even rodents. They are safe to be used around humans and pet dogs and cats. They serve as one of the best pest repellent devices to be used in kitchens at homes and offices. 

3. Use Natural Pest Repellents – Nature has a lot of plants and plant products that perform the pest repellent action. Some examples that can be given are the oils of lavender, basil, peppermint, cinnamon, and rosemary. Pests are intolerant to all of these oil fragrances and pest repellents made out of all these oils are very effective in driving out all kinds of pests. The best way to get rid of all the pests is to use a good pest repellent spray that has the composition of these essential oils. They are safe to be used in the kitchens and also prevent food odour.

4. Use an Essential Oil Diffuser– If you are still worried to use the natural pest repellent sprays, you can use the essential oils that have pest repellent properties in another form. The best alternative of using a pest repellent essential oil is to diffuse it using an oil diffuser. These oils are good for humans and can be used inside the kitchens at homes and offices. They are safe, natural, non-toxic, and effective on the pests. 

5. Get a Pest Zapper– The pest zapper is a pest killer that is mostly seen in commercial spaces and eateries. The same can be used inside the kitchens in restaurants and even in the kitchens at homes if it is big. The pest zapper can be the best pest repellent to get rid of all the flying insects lie the house flies, fruit flies, and mosquitoes. However, the geckos and rodents do not go away or get killed using pet zapper. The best alternative to this is the ultrasonic pest control device. The device is safe and effective on the roaches, geckos, and other flying insects too. 

These are the five best pest repellent hacks if you are looking out to repel pests in your kitchen safely. You can implement them and make your home pest-free. There are many who use the toxic plug-in pest repellent liquids. The alternative to it is the ultrasonic pest repellent device. You can stay safe and keep all the food edible and healthy.

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